With the amateur season well and truly underway we take a look at YOUR clubs.

Saturday or Sunday there are more grass-root teams out there than you can shake a stick at.

Providing more pub-chat topics than any reality TV show, more ‘wish I had my camera for that tackle’ moment, and more ‘worst ref I’ve ever seen’ being shouted out, we take a look in to why you love your amateur football clubs.

Starting us off we speak to Jeff Cutting from South East London club Old Sedcopians.

League: Amateur Football Combination

Latest Result: Kings Old Boys 0 – 7 Old Sedcopians

What is your role at the club? Chairman

How long have you been at the club? 40 seasons

How many members are in the club? Approximately 100 across 5 teams

Why is your club special? I love this club because our members are a fantastic bunch of guys. A very friendly club spanning a wide range of abilities and ages. We play to win but we also play with respect and honesty. The social side of the club is fantastic.

Who’s the best player you’ve had at your club?

We’ve had some wonderful players during my time at the club. Ones that spring to mind are Graham Robertson, a Scotsman who also played with Gillingham and Millwall. Also, Paul McMenamy who had played in West Ham reserves. My personal favourite club player is Ian Bush. An outstanding football player and a fantastic servant to the club during the 80s and 90s, and still playing vets games for us.

Who is the worst player you’ve had?

It would be unfair to mention them by name, but it is fair to say that we’ve had plenty of extremely weak players in our time. It’s a shame that even in AFC Division 8 South we can’t afford to carry passengers. The standard is much higher than it was.

Most memorable moment at the club?

One season, back in the 90s, our first team were in the AFC Senior Three division and needed to win our last game of the season 15-0 to avoid relegation. An impossible task. But our opposition, who were already safe, turned up with 8 men. We went for it. At half time it was only 4-0 but in the second half the floodgates opened. We scored our 15th goal in the last minute of the game and stayed up. Beat that if you can. (DUBIOUS)

Clubs claim to fame?

We recently had one of our First team goals, which was captured on video, recreated by Liverpool FC players as part of the Soccer AM ‘Liverpool Players recreate your goals’ section. It was scored by Nick Whybrow.

It’s on youtube at https://www.facebook.com/SoccerAM/videos/liverpool-players-recreate-your-goals/1943870342303257/

Biggest defeat?

I have blocked big defeats out of my memory. (THAT’S CONVENIENT)

Biggest win?


Aims for the season?

1. Win a trophy or two, or three

2. Maintain our reputation for great Spirit of Football

3. Drink beer

Biggest rivals?

Old St Mary’s. They are our local rivals. It’s always good to get a win over them and I’m sure they feel the same about us. They are a really good group of guys and we get on well with them on and off the pitch.

Why should people come to your clubhouse?

They shouldn’t. We’ve never had our own clubhouse so it’s not possible. However if someone was interested in our club and wanted to watch a home game at The University of Greenwich sports ground I’d buy them a beer in the Beehive afterwards.

Our club in less than 10 words….

Best club in the world. Give us a try.

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