Welling manager Jody Brown insisted his side’s performances are improving, despite Saturday’s 2-1 loss to Aldershot condemning them to eight league games without a win.

A 90th minute Ryan Jarvis penalty stole the points for the Shots, after Dominic Vose had cancelled out Jim Stevenson’s opener on the stroke of half-time.

Welling remain just two points above the Conference relegation zone in 19th place, but Brown suggested his side’s loss was underserved over the course of the game.

“We were in complete control of the game and we gave away two gifts and it’s ended up costing us,” he said.

“When you control the game as much as that we should have scored more than one goal.

“It may sound like a bit of a broken record but it was a very positive performance and I do strongly believe that if the boys continue to perform like that it’s only a matter of time before they put a good run together.”

The Wings also conceded a late winner to Macclesfield in the previous game and Brown added that they came from his side’s own mistakes.

“It’s not so much the timing of the goals that’s the problem, it’s the nature of them,” he said.

“They aren’t goals that our opponents are earning, they’re coming from some quite costly individual errors.

“We’ve spoken about it as a team and we all feel that we’re improving.

“The general consensus from the opposition as well is that the performances are there.

“We’re playing well, the new players have settled and it’s a matter of time before we put a good run together.”

Despite the long winless run, Brown remained optimistic about his side’s chances of avoiding relegation, and lamented the wait for the next game.

With their match against Wrexham postponed, they next face Nuneaton on February 28.

“We’ve actually gone eight games without a win at the start of the season and come back from it,” said the Welling boss.

“I know I wasn’t manager then but they must have been quite disheartening moments.

“However, the boys stuck together and proved they can pull through those moments.

“The wait is rubbish really. We had four games in the first nine days that I was here and then we’ve had four games in the next six weeks.

“It’s not ideal when you’re trying to build a relatively new squad, and when you’ve had a few sucker blows in the 90th minute what you really want to do is get back out on the pitch and play.

“So waiting two weeks isn’t great but we’ll try and get a couple of friendlies in against local clubs and be ready for a massive game against Nuneaton.” 

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