DARTFORD boss Tony Burman hailed Saturday’s 2-0 win at Luton as their best of the season to date.

The Darts grabbed all three points thanks to first half goals from Lee Noble and Tom Bonner.

The combination of the two goals, together with a fantastically resolute defensive display, saw Burman’s men leapfrog their professional counterparts and move up to fifth in the Conference table.

Burman said: “We have had some great results this year going to Wrexham, going to Grimsby, but this has got to be the best one for us so far this season.

“Luton is a fabulous club with a great history.

“In our own little way we have had the same problem Luton have had at home in that everyone comes and defends and breaks - we’ve had that for the last six years!

“It really is difficult but I felt the boys deserved everything that we got, to be fair.

“In the first half the boys passed it really well on the break.

“Our game plan worked, not just today, but away from home we have got a way that we play and it’s been good to us.

“We came here to get three points, that was definitely the attitude in the dressing room.

“That’s not just Luton, that’s all the games away from home - we try to go and get the three points.

“We’ve got a little system going and it works for us at the moment.

“And as much as they threw the kitchen sink at us, I thought we were very good in the second half.

“We may have been a bit fortunate with the goals but we just felt that we played very, very well and in the end we’ve defended against a top side.

“It’s a big club with good fans and a good history.

“We’ve come here and pulled off something which is very, very respectable for where we are trying to get to.”

At the full time whistle the hosts were roundly booed off of the field by a very discontented home crowd.

As the Darts players saluted their travelling fans, a large contingent of Luton supporters waited for them to go back down the down and applauded them off.

It was a great gesture from the Hatters followers, but one which was fully warranted.

And Burman was quick to praise both sets of fans.

He said: “It was decent of them, you don’t like to see people getting booed off because the Luton players have put in a hell of a lot of effort.

“They’ve hit the bar, they threw the kitchen sink at us second half but you have to expect that.

“I hope the Luton fans know who we are now and think we’re not a bad little side.

“I’m thankful for them for clapping us off which was great.”

A total of 484 hardy Darts fans travelled to Kenilworth Road.

Luton fans are very rarely outsung, but Dartford’s travelling army didn’t take a breath from first whistle to last as they backed their team brilliantly.

On the support, the Darts chief added: “They have been so so good, everywhere we have been going we’ve been getting 250, 300 and nearly 500 today and that’s absolutely brilliant.

“They have been excellent, it’s good for us at the moment to enjoy because there’s no pressure on us, it’s easy to play football when it’s like that.

“We know our time will come when that comes back to us but at the moment we’ve just got to enjoy ourselves.”

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