Millwall has said it “may be forced” to leave the borough after a report into the controversial development of land around the club’s stadium found Lewisham Council did nothing wrong.

The Lord Dyson report, looking into the council’s decision to grant a compulsory purchase order (CPO) on land at New Bermondsey where The Den is located, was published on November 28 and ruled that there was no malpractice in the council’s decision.

Millwall FC was highly critical of the process and the decision to grant outline planning permission to developer Renewal.

The Lewisham-based club was afraid that if the development went ahead, it could be forced to migrate out of the borough and possibly as far away as Kent.

While the investigation was ongoing, Millwall’s fears were put by the wayside, but with the report clearing Lewisham Council and Renewal, the spectre of the club leaving have been brought back to the fore.

A statement from Millwall FC, published on December 1, said the club would strongly oppose a renewed attempt by the council to use its compulsory purchase powers to “seize the Millwall land around The Den”.

It said: “We continue to consider all options. One of which has to be the possible departure of Millwall Football Club and its community scheme from this borough.

“That is not our preferred route, but one that we may be forced to seriously consider should the Club continue to be subjected to hostile acts by our local Labour council and not be in control of its immediate neighbourhood.”

However, Jordana Malik, director at Renewal, said there is “urgent need for redevelopment” at the land around the stadium and that “everyone agrees” it should go ahead.

She said: “As the report states, there is no doubting the urgent need for redevelopment at New Bermondsey and Renewal remains committed to driving this forward and ensuring that it delivers significant benefits for the local community, Millwall Football Club and the Millwall Community Scheme.

“The duration of the independent inquiry has led to a year’s delay to a scheme that everyone agrees should happen and significant costs to the public purse.

“We hope that the conclusion and findings of the inquiry will allow for all parties to move forward so that Renewal can commence delivery of this much needed redevelopment in this deprived area.”

Councillor Chris Best, senior Lewisham Council cabinet spokesperson said: “Now Lord Dyson’s Independent Inquiry report has been published we urge all parties involved in the New Bermondsey development to work together to agree a way forward to bring much-needed new jobs and homes to the area and ensure Millwall FC is based in Lewisham for generations to come.”