Karl Robinson wants Charlton’s future under Roland Duchatelet sorted as soon as possible.

Duchatelet is in the process of flogging off the Addicks, a club which he bought nearly four years ago.

His chief executive Katrien Meire resigned earlier this month leaving January transfer plans up in the air.

And Robinson, who phoned Duchatelet last night, is excited about the future.

Speaking after his side’s 0-0 draw with league leaders Wigan, he said: “Listen, whatever goes on, we need to make a decision quickly because we’re in January.

“We want to go up, we've built a team that cares, we’ve got rid of a lot of players. We were flying at the beginning of the season.

“You'll get fans who aren't happy, I understand that but we’ve had seven or eight of our starting eleven not fit and we’re still in the mix.

“We need players in quickly. While there’s this if, but, maybe, it [the takeover] needs to be resolved for the sake of this club and these players.

“We just move on now and we get ourselves a new era if people want to call it that. Since I’ve walked into this football club, everyone who’s worked with us, I’d like to thank them. They've been unreal.

“With all the turbulence and things gone wrong, this club has hopefully got good times ahead of it. That’s not an instant thing, it’s what you wrote about six or seven months ago in the summer, there was a change and I’m proud of everyone.

“I’m proud of a 0-0 draw - I've never said that!”