Karl Robinson knows the pros and cons of social media.

But there are some negative aspects so irritating that make the Charlton boss want to ban it.

Robinson was furious when footage emerged online of Addicks players laughing and singing on a train up to Newcastle for their Christmas party just hours after losing to Portsmouth last Saturday. Lewis Page and Leon Best were guilty of posting videos and photos.

And News Shopper asked Robinson: “In an ideal world, would you like your players to stay off social media?”

“It’s a great question, I like this question because it’s an interesting one. For once in my life, I don’t have an answer,” the Liverpudlian replied.

“The reason why is because we have to connect with the people who come to watch us. Most fans up and down the country look at social media as a way of getting to know the players they support.

News Shopper:

Lewis Page | Picture: Benjamin Peters Photography

“For instance, when we went to the hospital on Tuesday there’s nothing better than showing people how we can help others.

“The bit that really does my head in is when people upload stuff just for the sake of doing it. When it’s just ‘look at me’ and all that rubbish, if it’s a picture of a car ‘look what I’ve bought’. I just want to rip their phones off them and throw it in the Thames.

“But for instance, after a game when they can thank people for their support or thank people for whatever it may be to communicate.

“Social media is used to connect with people as a positive. When it’s the bragging to show off to infuriate at the wrong times, I want to just ban it completely.

“There are so many different arms to this argument at no stage are you going to 100 per cent agree or disagree.

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“My biggest thing is if you use it for the right ways and not to belittle, to disrespect, to aggravate then it’s a good thing. When it is used to do some of these things and many things that are deemed wrong in society, that’s when it’s got to be a complete no-no.”

Robinson revealed this year’s Christmas party had the biggest turnout in recent seasons.

It shows the togetherness within the squad as Charlton look to end their two-year exile from the Championship.

Robinson added: “For years gone by they've had single figures where they've gone to different places in small groups.

“Jacko [Johnnie Jackson] said this has been the first year in four or five years where everybody has gone.

“You can see how close we are as a group. I don't want to offend anyone, and we have to apologise for that. We hope we can pay them back for that with wins and getting promoted.”