Billy Clarke has been promised a kicking on Saturday by his flatmate - AFC Wimbledon midfielder Liam Trotter.

Charlton ace Clarke shares a Beckenham apartment with his old Ipswich pal.

And they will come face-to-face at the Valley, suspending their friendship for 90 minutes.

Former Millwall and Bolton star Trotter has been teasing Clarke’s two sons, telling them he’s going to “kick daddy really hard”.

He told News Shopper: “Me and Billy have talked about the game a few times and had some jokes.

“Both of Billy’s sons have been staying with us this week, they keep telling me how their daddy is going to destroy me on Saturday.

“I told them I’m going to kick him really hard, and they weren’t too happy about that.

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Liam Trotter

“I played against him twice last season when it was Bolton v Bradford. I actually did kick him very hard in the home game. So, he can expect that again on Saturday.”

Clarke and Trotter have been living together since moving to London clubs over the summer.

Clarke joined Charlton in June and Trotter signed for Wimbledon a month later.

And the Irish attacker suggested they move in together... for a second time.

Trotter said: “We’ve lived with each other before with one of our good friends, who was in the Ipswich academy with us and is now our agent, Scott Barron.

“Me and Scott lived together when we were at Millwall and when Billy played with Crawley, for the first few months he lived with us.

“It was Bill’s idea to move in [for the second-time round]. At the moment his family aren’t moving down [from Menston, West Yorkshire] so he was looking to live somewhere by himself.

“But with me signing for Wimbledon, he put the idea to me that maybe we could find somewhere in-between the clubs and live together.

“It’s nice living with one of your pals. We’ve been friends for so long and we get on well. He’s a mummy’s boy so I’m pretty much his mum now!”

The pair have known each other since coming through Ipswich’s academy as 16-year-olds.

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Billy Clarke | Picture: Benjamin Peters Photography

But it has not always been plain sailing as Trotter revealed he used to hate Clarke.

He said: “I hated Billy at first. I really didn’t like him. He was a mummy’s boy. He was arrogant and thought he was better than me. We didn’t get on too well.

“I wanted to bring him down a peg or two so I used to try to kick him a lot. But the funny thing is, Bill is pretty good so it was hard to get a kick on him.

“But you obviously spend a lot of time together when you’re in the changing room. We got to know each other a lot better and struck up a friendship from there.”

Trotter’s Wimbledon are just one place above the relegation zone and travel to Clarke’s in-form Charlton, who are unbeaten in six games.

Both players have been first-team regulars this term.

On facing each other for the first time as flatmates, Trotter added: “It will definitely be slightly different to what it has been when we’ve played against each other in the past.

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“I’m pretty sure when the game kicks off, it will be the last thing we’re thinking about. Maybe we’ll have a little joke when we run past each other on the pitch. But that will be it.”

When asked if there will be any banter flying around the flat if either team win, Trotter said: “No. I think once the game is done, we’ll leave it there.

“For both of us, it’ll be nice to get one up on the other person, but at the same time, we wish the best for each other. We’ll know deep down who won.”

Three quick-fire questions about Clarke and Trotter’s flat duties:

Who is the untidy one?

Trotter: Neither of us. We’re both pretty tidy people actually.

Who cooks?

Trotter: We take turns. If I cook, then that means he’s cooking the next night.

Fifa 18 – who wins?

Trotter: I win Fifa, most of the time. He wins a game and he thinks it makes him the champion. The games are tough, it’s tight, but I am the champ.