CHARLTON midfielder Therry Racon has spoken of his desire to remain at the club next season and secure a new contract.

The midfielder opened the scoring against Rochdale in the 3-1 win at The Valley yesterday and the Guadaloupe international admits all the out of contract players are waiting to hear where their futures lie.

"I think the club want to wait until the last game of the season and meet the players out of contract," said Racon.

"But at the moment, I've heard nothing, no one knows.

"If they offer me something, I want to stay here.

"I like this country and I'm comfortable in London.

"We need to sit down and see what Charlton want to do.

"If I sign, it will be for promotion because no one wants to play in League One, we should be aiming higher."

The midfield maestro admits it's been a tough season with many changes made and it's sometimes hard to play for nothing at this stage of the season.

He said: "It's been hard this season, with new owners coming in, a new manager and a lot of things have changed.

"The club has always had ambition but every player in the game will tell you during the season when you get a new manager, you have to restart everything from the beginning.

"But it's important we start the next season well and look for promotion.

"We have to stay professional and especially at home for the fans.

"It is hard to play for nothing but we have to do it and look to next season."

In recent weeks, Racon has been put on the left side of midfield and has generated a creative spark when called upon.

And despite claiming central midfield as his favourite position, he is willing to play anywhere for the team.

"It's a new position for me but for the balance of the team, I have to do it and when you play on the wing, you are looking for more crosses," said Racon.

"I still prefer to be in central midfield but if I have to do it, that's fine and I have a good understanding with Fede Bessone.

"If I get the ball, I'm always happy but sometimes I'm not when I don't get to touch the ball as much in some matches.

"But against Rochdale it was good because I got the ball a lot and of course, we won."