Nick’s Sports Camps is a fun, enjoyable and exciting holiday camp in Canterbury for children aged 5-16. The camp is located in Polo Farm, Canterbury, which is a brilliant home to some of the best sporting facilities and allows for an action packed day in both rain and shine. These camps are run by experienced youth coaches and ambassadors associated with a variety of local sports clubs including tennis, hockey, athletics, yoga and more. The main focus of the camps is to ensure the children have fun-filled days developing in both sports and social skills, and to help them discover new sports that they may grow a passion for. 


The coaches at Nick's Sports Camps have a strong passion for both the sports they teach and the wellbeing of the children and environment created. When talking to tennis coach Charlie Clements, he enjoys seeing the ‘different personalities’ of both the children and the coaches and learning about everyone. Additionally he talks about how ‘Nick’s camps are special because of the atmosphere created’ which develops amazing opportunities for children to make friends and reflect on the activity they have just completed. Clements also mentions how when the red vs blue competition arises for the children to practise their new skill in a competitive way the ‘whole camp is buzzing’ which makes an enjoyable end of the week finishing with a coaches competition and a presentation. Following this, Katherine Bremner, the camps’ pastoral care and wellbeing officer, states that ‘NS Camps are full of variety and there is never a dull moment’ then she goes on to say that the ‘energetic and talented’ children are what make the camps an ‘atmosphere of joy and positivity.’ 


Another stand out feature of the Camps is the Camp Manager Nick Wibberley who ensures the camp is not only running smoothly but also makes sure all the children feel included and have the most fun during their time there. Wibberley started the camps when he ‘saw the potential for it at Polo Farm due to the amazing facilities’ and noticed what ‘benefits’ it could bring due to him ‘having been involved in sports camps as a child’; it was this experience that gave him the motivation to start the camps in 2021. Following this, when reflecting on what children can get from attending the camps, he believes that ‘children can improve both their physical and social skills by attending the camps’, they get to meet a wide array of children they may not know, try a range of sports they may never have tried before and have to overcome challenges that the children may have never faced before. Additionally, all of the coaches are ‘passionate about getting children into sport for life and will encourage them to pursue the activities they enjoy through our local club links’ and creates opportunities outside of the camps. Katherine Bremner, praises the camp manager Nick Wibberley for his ‘exceptional ability to know every child by name, providing excellent leadership and his guidance to his coaches’ brings out the best in everyone and gives everyone from coaches to children ‘the best possible experience.’


Nick’s Sports Camp offers a range of activities for children to enjoy and develop both their social and physical skills. The coaches have a strong passion and enjoyment for their sports and ensure that every single person has a fun and exciting time throughout the week. It is an endless week of fun for all the children and a brilliant way for children to try new sports and make new friends. 


If you want to book a place for your child, go to and dates are from:

Easter: 8th-12th of April 2024 

Summer: 29th of July-2nd of August 2024 and 12th-16th of August 2024