"SEXY" Millwall fans are hoping they will get to entertain supporters by appearing on a sports show.

Satellite television programme Soccer AM has a female football fan on the show every week.

They chat to the presenter and model the Soccer AM t-shirt but Paul Smith, who edits a Lions fansite, says the women usually support Premier League clubs.

He has started a campaign on his website WakeUpMillwall.com and on a social networking site to try and redress the balance.

Mr Smith said: "The campaign was started as I felt it was about time Soccer AM had a Millwall Soccerette on the hit TV show, rather than the Premiership supporting Soccerettes each week.

"Applications from female Millwall fans wanting to be a Soccerette are being sent to us every day now and I believe our female Millwall fans are as sexy as any other team's female fans, if not more."

Katie Webb initially wanted to be a Soccerette a few years ago and thought she would give it a go when she saw the WakeUpMillwall campaign.

The 18-year-old, from Camberwell, said: "To be a Millwall Soccerette would be amazing and it would make my dad so proud.

"I would be different from the usual Soccerettes because I'm actually into my football.

"It's about time they had a Lion on Soccer AM."

The beauty therapy student added: "I really don't understand why there hasn't been a Millwall Soccerette, they don't know what they're missing."

More than 500 Millwall fans have joined the online group to show their support to the WakeUpMillwall.com campaign.