I recently interviewed a couple of badminton players at Newstead, as I wanted to know what they thought of badminton, and how it is as a sport. All of them replied by the same word ‘enjoyable.’ Having fun in badminton has a few ingredients: ‘friends,’ a ‘team’ and a heart for it. 

I used to think that the school's badminton club was not worth going to until my friends taught me otherwise. One taught me how ‘relaxing and enjoyable’ it can be, another taught me about the ‘adrenaline’ and how ‘versatile’ it can be.  

Badminton has many health benefits; it is good for your mental and physical wellbeing. When you are angry, upset, disheartened, and you play badminton, your negative emotions drive the shuttle as you score some points.   

Not only do you learn how to play badminton, but it helps build your character, as you become a better sportsman. You also learn how to set up the court and about the separate ways you can return the same shots. Thinking on your feet also helps improve your decision-making skills. 

I also interweaved someone who does not play badminton and asked for their view on this and she told me ‘Badminton is an amazing sport just as any’. Another thing I asked her was wold you try badminton if you had spare time and she replied ‘Badminton is amazing for your mind, and it lets you focus on something other than your work for once’.  

Although there is a lack of students going to badminton club currently, I hope more people will try to join. 


Prisha Goel