Trafalgar Square was taken over by thousands of Newcastle United fans this weekend as the North East team headed to Wembley Stadium to take on Manchester United in the Carabao Cup final. 

The match was on Sunday, February 26, but saw revellers party ahead of the match on Saturday evening as footage shows the football fans singer, dancing and drinking around the landmark. 

However, some have criticised the fans after many were seen leaving behind their rubbish, with takeaway wrappers, beer bottles and plastic bags left covering the streets.

Some fellow supporters have been praised after they were spotted collecting rubbish and putting it in a black bin liner, cleaning up the mess from others. 

One video posted to Twitter shows a group of young men tidying the mess, seeing many praise them in the comments. 

One user wrote: "Well done guys. Sunderland fans did the same last year. North East folk are good people whatever team they support."

Whilst another wrote: "Good on them. This is exactly the kind of thing that we need. Everyone having a mint time, then leaving the place as we found it."

One fan of the team that headed down to London to watch the match shared that many brought bags to collect the rubbish, saying: "Loads of us took rubbish bags and were trying to keep it tidy. It was difficult because there was nowhere to put the bags and it was so packed people were tripping over the bags and ripping them open. But we did try to clear up."

Newcastle United fans take over Trafalgar Square

Many fans were spotted wearing their club's black and white colours as some set off smoke bombs and many took part in chants. 

One video shows a middle-aged fan in just his boxers taking a dip in the foundations as he jumps from one to the other. 

Others were seen in the centre of the square around Nelson's Column singing "Tell me ma, me ma, I won’t be home for tea, we’re going to Wembley”.

The match saw the team go against Manchester United but was defeated in a 2-0 game, seeing Manchester take the Carabao Cup home.