The Charlton Athletic takeover saga rages on as the two parties tell very different stories.

It looked as though Charlton owner Thomas Sandgaard had all but sold the club, but now the deal is off.

So, here’s what we know so far.

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Sandgaard seemed to be willing to sell to a consortium led by Charlie Methven, who will be known by many as the former Sunderland director who appeared in Netflix’s ‘Sunderland 'Til I Die’. The reported fee for the sale was £8.5 million.

Further reports then suggested that the deal had progressed so far that a deposit worth between £850,000 and £1million had been paid to Sandgaard and the expectation was that the deal was imminent.

There was such high confidence a deal was done that the new owners had already put a team in place to run the club. Jim Rodwell was chief operating officer while Ed Warrick was finance director. Andy Scott and Dean Holden were named technical director and manager respectively.

All but Holden have now left the club following the breakdown of the agreement. The existing owner believes the manager will stay, but time will tell.

This is where the stories contrast.

The Danish owner told South London Press: "There was some very specific terms that were very clear at the end of January and coming into February that they didn’t comply with.

“Those were really the key items in the deal.”

He even went as far as to criticise Methven and his business tactics.

From the alternative point of view, the consortium felt they were given an inadequate reason for the breakdown, and it is understood that the conditions of the deal were changed at the last minute. These terms referred to the stake which Sandgaard would keep.


When he agreed to sell the club, he did so on the condition that he would keep a 10% stake.

After the fall from grace under the previous owner, which means the former Premier League side are languishing in League One, fans will hope that a resolution can happen quickly.

The pressure on their owner to sell will now intensify. As for the consortium, they will continue to push for a deal, and if they cannot do a deal then they will take legal action according to The Athletic.

Fans will hope that a resolution can be found quickly due to fears that off-field distractions will harm the team.

The potential loss of their manager Dean Holden, who has turned the club around and moved them away from the relegation zone, will be a cause for great concern.

A 2-1 loss to 17th place Fleetwood on Saturday (February 11) did little to dissuade the feeling that off-field drama will hinder on-field progress.