ADDICKS owner Thomas Sandgaard believes that there are two types of manager that the club is working through to find the next boss.

Charlton have been without a manager since announcing the departure of Johnnie Jackson following a 13th place finish in League One.

Sandgaard is now in the process of finding Jackson's replacement and he thinks that he has some "great candidates" to choose from however he suggests that he must pick between experience and some more modern football-playing managers.

News Shopper: Johnnie Jackson left Charlton at the end of the seasonJohnnie Jackson left Charlton at the end of the season

He told the South London Press: “Well of course we need some level of experience. As you are pointing out there, there is very much two types of manager’s resumes or CVs that we’re working through right now.

“We have a group of those very seasoned managers that have been there, done that and have, in some cases, shown fantastic results.

“There are some of those who are not maybe the best if you want to play more modern football, even though they’ve had great results in the past. But some really fit the bill.

“There are some great candidates who have a lot of experience and also some – and you mentioned the new manager at Ipswich as an example – who fit that profile.

“We are entertaining quite a few resumes that I would say are very young but already early on in their careers have achieved some great results and definitely understand what modern football is about.

“You probably can’t get both. You can’t get a 30-year-old with 50 years of experience, it’s just not happening.

“It will probably be between the best in those two categories that we’ll pick someone.”

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