Matt Southall will not step away from his role as Executive Chairman of Charlton Athletic he has announced.

Following a week of uncertainty the Addicks Chairman addressed fans via Twitter announcing the news after holding a meeting with majority shareholder Tahnoon Nimer.

Nimer has been attempting to oust Southall from his post following allegations the Chairman had been miss-using club money, notably to fund his lifestyle.   

With a lack of communication from both parties, fans were left confused and with a feeling of trepidation as to who was at The Valley helm. The latest announcement, although intended to clarify the situation, will have only served up more questions than answers. 

From what we gather from Southall’s announcement, little was accomplished in the 3pm sit-down between Nimer, Southall and Club Director, Jonathan Heller, other than Southall will remain in his post, although we expect Nimer will reply in du course.

More to follow.

The full statement reads:

A board meeting of East Street Investments Limited took place today at 3pm. The three directors of East Street Investments Limited; myself, Mr Heller and Mr Nimer all attended with individual legal counsel. Mr Nimer, brought into the meeting two other men with no standing in Charlton Athletic Football Club and he and those two men have collectively decided that they are now the board of an English Football Club. We presume that they will in due course make an application to the English Football League to take the Owners and Directors Test.

Here are serious legal questions over the standing of one of these men and we have tried to seek clarification on 5 separate occasion from Mr Nimer’ lawyers but information has not been forthcoming.

Mr Heller and I are both disappointed by the outcome of the board meeting. Protocol has not been followed and resolutions have been passed which are both invalid and unlawful. This ha unfortunately been the case in many of the recent actions taken by Mr Nimer; both Mr Heller and I will look to assert our rights in due course. On the basis that the votes taken in Board meeting today are irregular and invalid, nothing from the board meeting changes the circumstances of my employment or mine or Mr Heller’s status’ as Directors of the club.

During the meeting, Mr Nimer chose to shut down any discussions about the Charlton secured creditor which is the most pressing matter facing the club and instead chose to pursue his personal vendetta against myself in an attempt to protect his own interest and position. My lawyers agree that this was a very irresponsible way to proceed.

Mr Nimer has still yet to satisfy the EFL requirements for source and sufficiency of his alleged funds, or provide any evidence that he does in fact have access to the funds needed in order to run the club. In addition to this, the appointment of Directors which have not passed the EFL OADT will no doubt bring further issues and potential sanctions for the club down the line, something myself and Mr Heller have been trying to avoid.

Until such time Mr Nimer fulfils the obligations that he promised when purchasing the club, there shall be no discussions about me stepping away from Chatrrlton Athletic Football Club in my day-to-day capacity or as an owner through my shareholding in East Street Investments.

Mr Heller and I both remain committed to the club and securing its long term future and growth is our priority.