Tahnoon Nimer has declared his commitment in making Charlton Athletic a Premier League club and will ‘never walk away’ from the Addicks.

The majority shareholder made the claim on Thursday morning as the chaos surrounding the clubs running rumbles on with the fall out between Nimer and club Chairman Matt Southall looks to have reached boiling point.

Nimer and Southall have been at loggerheads over allegations that the Chairman was miss-using the clubs funds, leading to Nimer freezing any financial input into the club until he has ousted the chairman from his post.

“I’m fully committed to Charlton and seeking promotion to the Premier League,” Nimer told talkSPORT.

“Charlton is the first priority for me.

“I will never walk away from Charlton, what we promised the people we will do.

“My message to the fans, is that I’m committed to the club, we will resolve this problem, after Southall has gone we then look to move forward with the club.

“If he’s there for sure I will not invest in Charlton.

“I ask the support to stay close to the payers, to do their best this weekend, I’m looking for the support of the fans, I’m with them forever.”

In a statement released on Thursday, the club gave its backing to the Charlton Chairman, a statement Nimer refutes -suggesting it is Southall himself releasing these statements via the club website.

Nimer, who owns 65% of company who backed the takeover, claimed it is he who has the ‘full support’ of the club’s staff and will endeavour to remove Southall from his post before putting his hand in his pocket and investing.

“I want to give him the opportunity to leave so we can start repairing the damage he’s made as soon as possible,” Nimer continued.

“As we are a major shareholder it’s impossible to have any trust in Matt Southall after he abused out trust.

“He’s cost the club a lot of money, and used money without our consent.

“When you run the club, it’s the priority to look after the club.

“The way the club is running is unacceptable, and proves that Matt is not the right person to be our chairman.

“You should give your money to the club not the lifestyle.

“If you are a chairman of the club, how you charge the club a service charge plus a salary?!”

Nimer’s actions come after the EFL imposed a transfer embargo on the club following failure to submit documents proving the club’s money source.

The Syrian businessman suggests that it was this embargo which alerted him and his team to Southall’s actions as it was he who was dealing with the EFL.

“After we were made aware of the transfer embargo in January, we asked several times for all the financial documents, we never had them.

“Then all the evidence came to us of missing funds, lies, his lifestyle of him and his friend.

“Range Rover, credit cards, apartments, all of this without approval or informing the board of Charlton.”

Regarding proving proof of funds Nimer was adamant all the necessary paperwork was produced.

“As a new investor coming from the middle east, we gave the EFL all the evidence, only issue is they want to know where we got the money, they have all the bank details, it has been submitted to the EFL, they are misusing the information.”