Scott Parker wasn’t happy that Millwall’s equaliser was allowed to stand on Wednesday night.

The Fulham boss admitted there was doubt about the contact, but believes the advantage went to the attacking side.

Parker said: “It’s clear as day that there are two players offside. Who it comes off, maybe that is the question? It’s such a big call at that moment, but we can categorically say that there are two players standing in an offside position.”

Despite protestations over the goal, he admitted his side could have reacted better following the decision.

The Fulham boss added: “I felt like our reaction after the goal was poor. We turned the game into what Millwall wanted it to be, they were probably the better side in that sense. Obviously fortunate that [Wallace] misses the penalty.

“Second half I feel like we got a grip of the game, we stamped our mark on it, which I asked for at half time. We needed to be brave, the conditions and the pitch were not conducive at times, but that’s the way I want my team to play. We have to take the sting out of the game, it’s a hostile place to come. First half I just felt that they were in the ascendancy, we never did anything to take the sting out of it.

“In the second half we took the sting out of it and limited them to very few chances. It’s a shame in the end that [a chance] didn’t fall our way.

“It’s six unbeaten for us, it’s a tough place to come against a very disciplined back 5, its tough to break down. Games like this are always going to be limited in chances. We move on, we dust ourselves down, we now look forward to Saturday against Barnsley.”