Gary Rowett referred to Jed Wallace as 'the one' after the winger put in a man of the match display in Millwall's 2-0 victory against Stoke. 

Wallace assisted Ben Thompson in the first half for the opening goal before he went on a 40-yard run which ended in him tucking away a penalty in the second half. 

"Jed is the one," Rowett said of the winger. 

"Particularly with Fergie on the left giving us more tactical discipline, Jed is the one that can get you up the pitch. He is that little bit of pace down the side and he showed it for the goal. 

"He picks the ball up on the edge of the box, a great run. He just gets in front of Ndiaye Lindsay just tried to stick his leg out to foul him but he has just took a touch to open the angle and knocked it past him.

"He was a great little bit of movement. I only thing I was surprised about is that he had any energy left at all to get up and take it." 

The performance rounded off Rowett's first match as Lions boss and the manager expressed his pleasure to how the players carried the information he passed onto them before the fixture. 

"We did a lot of work on switching play against Stoke’s diamond and I felt first half it worked really really well.

"We got Mahlon out into space and Mahlon was a real threat stepping into that space and I think Stoke changed their formation quite a few times in the game to try and stop it. 

"First half, I think the team showed also that they can play a little bit with some good movement. I thought Thommo, Jed Fergie had some really good movement – Bradshaw – I am really really pleased. 

Despite a blistering start, Stoke started the second half the better of the two sides. 

"We did not start very well second half, and it was always my concern after being so good first half that we would not be able to play with that intensity. We are were always mindful of that and when you are 1-0 down and a good side like Stoke can play with a little bit more freedom their midfielders were always the ones that were going to be difficult to stop. 

"We forced it wide, we dealt with the ball in the box and with the two centre-halves we have got a ball in the box should not lead to a free header and should not really hurt us. 

"I would like us to get out a bit quicker, I would like us to be a little bit more aggressive when we get into that deep shape but I actually felt because the crowd got behind us and supported us it made us finish strongly and actually for the last 25 minutes we finished really well and created more chances and maybe could have nicked an another one."