Gary Rowett expressed that his Millwall side will be ‘flexible’ in their approach to games as he aims to build on Neil Harris’ legacy at the club.

Harris resigned as Lions boss after four and a half years and Rowett was named as his successor earlier this week. 

“I spoke to Neil and didn’t need to tell him that and he’s welcome back in the office any time, it’s as his as it is mine or anyone else’s,” the 45-year-old said. 

“For me, it’s about trying to subtlety in our own way maintain the characteristics of what the club and the team have been good at work ethic, that togetherness, that way of playing where everyone knows what their role is and they’re very, very good at it.” 

“When something has been consistently pretty good, you are just looking to build on it and just change small things. Whilst we want to look up the table and start to climb as quickly as we can we are aware that we do not want to chance massive amounts.” 

Harris was criticised for Millwall’s direct style of play and Rowett explained that he will adopt a more flexible strategy when approaching games. 

“You always have to be flexible, when you’re playing against teams that have a lot more options in their armoury than what we’ve got. There are players there that can play in certain areas in a different way.

“There are going to be mistakes and things that don’t work, but we really want to try and see if we can push the envelope a little bit and improve some of those attributes. 

Under Harris, Millwall maintained an admirable home record, however, away from The Den the club has failed to pick up points in the Championship as the Lions have not won on the road since their 1-0 victory against Derby in February. 

“Our home form is really, really good,” Rowett added. 

“The away form is not as good as we would like it to be so at home I think there will be small tweaks and small adjustments, away might mean something a little bit different in terms of trying to get out of that process of losing games away from home which is important to climb the table. 

“It is great to come in somewhere were actually we have walked in and it has been incredibly refreshing. Just the humility around the place, everyone is so helpful, everyone wants to see you do well. 

“Everyone is willing to do things that probably isn’t their jobs down at the training ground. It is just that type of place and that is lovely to be in. There is some real good raw characteristics  to work with the staff and the players.”