An under-8 Dartford football team is going 'Pink for October' to raise money for Cancer Research for the second year running.

Kent Football United under 8's team has taken inspiration from Charlton's Lyle Taylor and are raising money for the charity.

News Shopper spoke to a mother of one of the boys involved.

Carole Goedhart said: "My son Harry is a massive Charlton fan, and also plays for Charlton's pre-academy.

"When he heard that Lyle was doing what he was doing last year (dying his hair pink) he started to ask me questions. Why is he dying his hair pink? What is it for?"

Like a lot of families, Carole's has been affected by cancer and after explaining it all to Harry he understood and wanted to help too.

The team went pink last year and raised a whopping £1,475 and were recognised by Charlton.

Lyle Taylor even took time out to come down and watch the boys play.

Last year Taylor raised more than £16,000 as the Charlton family got behind his campaign and this season he is encouraging more people to get involved and join in.

The 29-year-old said: “I was overwhelmed by the support from the Charlton fanbase and the wider footballing world last season and I am very proud we were able to raise so much money and awareness."

He explained his motivation: “My story is my family, it’s three out of my four grandparents, it’s my aunt, it’s my other aunt’s mum who passed away, it’s my family that’s the most important thing.

"Over the last year I’ve met so many people, Charlton fans in the main, who have lost people. With all these people that I’ve met, I’m proud and glad that I’m able to do it again and hopefully raise even more awareness and get even more people involved and spread the message even further.”

The boys decided to carry on the tradition this year, and a fundraiser has been set up for people to donate.

To donate - click here.

This year they have gone one step further though, this year not only have they dyed their hair, they have pink boots, pink kits and even custom pink goalkeeping gloves made with Cancer Research ribbon.

The boys have already raised more than £900 in just seven days.

They are only seven and eight years old, but they are already creating awareness for an amazing cause.