‘The Millwall way is winning games.’

Those are the words of Jed Wallace.

Millwall have long been labelled a ‘long-ball’ or a ‘route-side,’ but the Lions forward believes that isn’t the case.

On target in their 2-1 win over Leeds United on Saturday, Wallace believes the club’s style is more to akin to how their winning mentality.

“The Millwall way is winning games of football,” he said.  

“We’ve seen that over the years with the iconic players at this football club.

“Hard characters who want to win games of football.

“Millwall fans when we beat Sheffield Wednesday 1-0 where we had 5% possession, when they walked away to the pub and had a beer, they were buzzing.

“Same as I am tonight because we won!.

“If we had 85% possession and lost 1-0 today I’m going to be gutted

“However when we play it’s about getting over that finish line.

“I don’t think Millwall is a club that believe in the process, because you can lose games playing the right way.

“The fan base don’t demand that, they demand you’re on the front foot, you win your tackles, score goals and that’s what we do.

“We got an honest group of lads, predominantly British lads, a hard-working group, and we aren’t going to climb the table splitting it from the back.”