Roy Hodgson was keen not to get ahead of himself when talking after Crystal Palace’s 2-1 win over London rivals West Ham.

The former England manager praised his team but acknowledged that there was room for improvement and that it is still early days.

“Things are going to change as the season progresse," he said.

"It is not something that really occupies my mind (the league position) to a great extent. Getting points is and winning matches away from home like this and getting a valuable three points is. 

“I know that we are going to have to be equally as good today and work equally as hard as we were doing today if we are going to get any points in the next games coming up because they are against the teams in the top 6 or the ‘famous’ top 6 that we talk about and whose resources are a lot greater than ours.

“I still fully believe in a championship being a marathon, not a race. It is nice to start reasonably well and even be up with the front runners for a while but we know full well that you've got to keep up that pace and keep doing everything you have been doing.”

In terms of the game itself, Hodgson said, “I thought we subdued them through the bulk of the game really. The chances were fairly even on both sides but we certainly had a lot of possession as did they. It was a good quality game of football which you expect when there are so many good players on the field.

“For us to come away here from a ground where we don't win at very often and to break that hoodoo that has been hanging over Crystal Palace and that has been hanging over me not only with Crystal Palace but with other clubs too. That's a good day in my footballing life and it's a victory that the players not only deserve but one that they certainly worked unbelievably hard for and have gone in against a good West Ham team. 

“We did not win because West Ham were bad we won because we were lucky enough to get the decisions we got but also good enough to give the quality of performance we gave.” 

When asked how much more his Palace side can give Hodgson admitted that we may have already seen the best his team have to offer.

He said, “I don't know if they (the team) can give us any more than they have gave us. That's the honest answer. It is not the popular answer...I think they are all giving the club every single ounce of what they can give. I think they are working very hard to become a good team and to work together as a very good team. 

“I think we have to make certain that we are doing what we have been doing over the last couple of years and continue to do it well and continue to remain modest if we want to make certain that this club stays in the Premier League and with every year it stays in the Premier League it becomes stronger.

“Both the last two years’ finishes have been great. If you are telling me you are getting just as many points in the last 12 to 15 games than we have been getting then I will be turning summersaults or jumping through hoops. But I don't know that we will. That's the problem.”

The manager also talked about adding depth to his squad in the next transfer window. He said, “We don't have is a big squad. Everybody knows that. In certain areas of our squad we are quite weak in terms of our ability to make substitutions and replace people but if we can keep our heads above water until we get to the January transfer window. 

“I am hoping we can do something about that and at least give ourselves a chance in the latter half of the season to build on with the point total we have accumulated.”

Crystal Palace’s next game is at home against reigning champions Manchester City where the South London club will surely be pushed to their limits.