Neil Harris accused referee Dean Whitestone of “bottling” a decision during Millwall’s 2-0 defeat to Blackburn Rovers.

In what he insisted was a clear penalty, Harris claimed Jake Cooper was “manhandled to the ground with a rugby tackle” by Sam Gallagher.

Mr Whitestone dismissed the appeals as Bradley Dack doubled Blackburn’s lead six minutes later to ultimately seal Millwall's fate.

Harris said: “I will just comment, in the 68th minute - I've seen it back from three different angles - we've got a stonewall penalty from a set-piece when the game's at 1-0.

“The referee talks to Sam Gallagher marking Jake Cooper. Jake gets a run, the player is the wrong side of him and manhandles him to the ground with a rugby tackle. The referee is seven yards away and, for me, he bottles it.

“I think the referee bottled it at the end of the day and he has to give that decision. What's the point of talking to a player, and let him get the wrong side?

“What game are we playing here? We play to win set plays and when you win them, you need some help.”

Harris also admitted he was disappointed Millwall trailed at half-time after a Derrick Williams piledriver sent Blackburn in front after 18 minutes.

Although the Lions boss conceded it was a “great strike”, he was displeased with the defending which led to it. 

He added: “We gave a really poor second goal away. Players have to do what instructions are given to them, not what they want to do.”