Neil Harris believes that referees need to protect his side when they are attacking from set-plays after his side drew 1-1 with Hull City. 


The Lions had two penalty appeals in the second half when both Jake Cooper and Matt Smith were wrestled to the floor on separate occasions by Hull City defenders. 


"We need more protection on our set plays," Harris said. 


"We are good at them, we practice them a lot and we got good delivery and we have good players who can attack the ball. Players have to defend the ball, you can’t defend men and at the moment we are not getting the rewards we deserve from it.

"I’m getting fed up of watching players try to deal with my players and our set-plays by cheating and fouling. We need more protection.


"I could probably go through eight or 10 instances in games where we get fouled and blocked off. All I want is consistency. If you’re going to give fouls against my players for blocking an opponent, that’s fine, but do it the other way as well."



Millwall dominated in the second-half as they looked for that elusive second goal after Grosicki's wonder strike canceled out Jed Wallace's early penalty but the Lions Boss outlined his disappointment with his side. 

"I’m disappointed with the players in the sense that we got into some really good areas and dominated the second half territory-wise. We played on the front foot and were aggressive second half, got in some great areas, but just didn’t deliver quality in the moments we needed it.


"Okay Jed’s almost scored, Alex Pearce should have scored, Ryan Leonard should have scored, but the amount of times we got into good areas and turned down crossing opportunities or shooting opportunities was disappointing. 

"Connor Mahoney had the best crossing stats in the division last year, that’s why I signed him, but he didn’t want to put the ball in the box. 

"As you can imagine Matt Smith’s a disappointed player with the service he got. I’ve got the frustration and the disappointment out of the way.

Despite Millwall's lack of potency in the final third, the Lions restricted Hull to minimal chances. 

"It wouldn’t surprise me, I’ve watched him over the years and he’s got the ability to do it," Harris said when asked if Grosicki's strike was genuine. 


"I’m much more surprised it went in and the one they missed afterwards. 

"Barring that we’ve not given a lot away. Three games here at The Den we’ve got seven points. We’ve got nine points from six games. We should have beaten Hull today and we should have beaten Boro last week. 

"I can look at the disappointment of not having four points, but I can look at it and say it’s a good start to the season for us."