Lee Bowyer has urged Charlton fans to think twice about the anti-Roland Duchatelet talk in the wake of Bury’s demise.

Bowyer referenced Bury’s plight into what seemingly will be football oblivion after their club was expelled from the English Football League for financial miss-management under owner Steve Dale.

Addicks owner Duchatelet has come under scrutiny from a large portion of fans since he took charge of the club in 2014, but the current manager has come to his defence again.

“Other clubs aren’t as lucky and Bury is one of them, it is sad, for the fans it’s their life,” a sympathetic Bowyer said.

“They (fans) go to work every day to earn their money to go and watch them on Saturday and support their team.

“We’ve got an owner, love him or hate him, he pays the bills every week.

“He pays the players, he pays the staff, all the other bills that come in.

“He backed us in the summer, we’ve got a healthy squad, so for me he’s doing what an owner should do.

“I don’t know what more they (the fans) want, he’s done and doing the right thing.”

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Charlton fans have made their feelings felt towards Duchatelet with a number of protests and demonstrations towards the Belgian of his handling of the club, and the attempted sale of the club.

Fans have been left frustrated by the lack of investment in the squad, leaving Bowyer with the lowest operating playing budget in the Championship, as well as the clarity of communication of any potential takeover.

Despite remaining undefeated and sitting third in the league, Bowyer admits operating on a shoestring budget isn’t easy, but understands the situation.

“Maybe we’d like our budget to be bigger, but it is what it is.

“The man’s trying to sell a football club, I respect what he’s given us as we know the situation.

“He’s done everything an owner should be doing.”
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