Here are five things we learned from Millwall;s 4-0 defeat at Craven Cottage.

Wrong Game Plan

Fulham’s strengths lie in their attack. Fulham’s weaknesses lie in their defence.

You could say the tactics used by Neil Harris played into Scott Parker’s side’s plans at Craven Cottage. Sitting back it gifted Fulham possession, and lots of it, and invited their potent attacking line on to them.

Last season Fulham didn’t have problems scoring, it was keeping the ball out of the net where they had issues.

In the very few times Millwall got forward they caused problems, especially when the robust Matt Smith was introduced at the break.

Barnsley it seems showed the blueprint of how to beat this Fulham side, by taking the game to them. Winning 1-0 they amassed 17 shots to Fulham’s 15 on the opening day of the season as they looked to get an advantage by targeting their weakness, their backline.

Hindsight is a great thing, but Harris would surely re-think his gameplan if he had a second crack at the West Londoners.

Pace is Paramount

The one thing defender’s hate facing more than any is speed. In Anthony Knockhaert and Ivan Cavaleior Fulham had it in abundance. Mahlon Romeo aside, Alex Pearce, Jake Cooper and Murray Wallace found the going very tough.

Pearce may have added a steeliness and professionalism to Millwall’s defence, but up against a lightning quick attack, it was painful to watch at times. He’ll be grateful that he’ll only be facing a side of Fulham’s quality twice this season.

Matt Smith - game changer

Eyebrows were raised when Saturday’s matchwinner wasn’t in the starting line-up as Neil Harris opted for Tom Bradshaw to lead the line.

Bradshaw run his socks off but with no support the Welshman found the going tough and failed to drag his side up the field.

Smith’s entrance at the break, playing alongside Bradshaw yielded a five-ten minute spell of Millwall dominance, no doubt contributing to a the bulk of their 15% possession stats. A couple of half chances were created and problems were caused. With a bit a luck they could’ve got a goal and maybe go on to miraculously get something from the game.

Fulham’s penalty paid end to any revival, but the impact made by Smith was clear to see and he’ll be a useful tool this season, if he hasn’t already proved it.

Calmness amongst Lions fans

Last season’s lynching mentality has gone from The Den faithful. Reserved in their judgement to lambast their side, Millwall fans were aware they simply came up against a top side in Fulham.

It seems they are firmly behind Neill Harris and his new approach this season and will be realistic in their ambitions.

All they ask is for endeavour and fight, which the players gave at Craven Cottage, they simply weren’t on the same level as Fulham.

They’ll dust themselves off, go to Middlesbrough and support their side once again. Miilllllll.

Fulham were THAT good

Stats don’t lie. 85% is a battering. Millwall just came up against a Fulham side on the top of their game, and it’ll be a hard performance to replicate this season. Scott Parker said it was the best display he’s seen from his outfit, and I think every Fulham fan would agree.

Sadly for Neil Harris, it happened against his emerging Lions side.