Lyle Taylor said he had no real words to describe the work Lee Bowyer has done to guide Charlton back into the Championship, with an injury-hit campaign culminating into a dramatic finale at Wembley Stadium.

The club’s player of the season, who insists the Addicks boss was a major factor in why he signed, was full of praise for him after they defeated Sunderland in the League One play-off final.

Bowyer remarkably managed to get the club he started his professional football career with back into the second-tier during his first full season as a manager.

Despite lingering questions over his future at the club, with his contract expiring at the end of June, many tip him for even greater success after his first taste of life in the top job.

“I have no real words for it to be completely honest with you,” Taylor said. “I said to Bow, when we'd come down from collecting the trophy, I handed him the trophy and said, 'This is yours'.

“He took the trophy and I said, 'I don't know how the f*** you've done it but you've done it', and he went, 'It's nothing to do with me, it's you lot'.

“'I create the framework and you lot work in it, you lot fill in the holes'.

“I think that just says it all about who he is. He isn't going to stand there and lord and take all of the glory and go, 'Yeah, I'm the best manager in the world'.

“He will push it onto everybody else but him and that's just exactly the kind of person he is.”

For Taylor, who scored 25 goals for Charlton across all competitions, he reckons it’s one of the best campaigns he’s ever been a part of.

Describing it as “spectacular”, he compared it with the successful promotion-winning season he had with AFC Wimbledon back in 2016.

The Addicks star was their top scorer then as well, with 23 goals, but also teased about potentially going one better and reaching the Premier League at some point, too.

“It's up there,” he added. “But, in the circumstances at Wimbledon, that was something spectacular, and in the circumstances that we have here [at Charlton], this is something spectacular.

“I've had two of the best days of my life in this big old stadium, and who knows? Maybe one more promotion to the Prem.

“Trifecta. Completed it. There you go, we'll see. Maybe one day, who knows, but I'm so proud to have been able to achieve what I've achieved and that's down to my teammates.

“That's absolutely nothing to do with just me.

“I am one player in a team of 11, in a squad of 18, and in a squad bigger than that - 25, 30, whatever it might be - outside of a matchday.

“I just do my job and everybody just does their job and when everybody does their job, to the degree that we have this year, we're victorious at Wembley.”