Neil Harris argued that it was a point gained rather than two lost after Millwall drew 0-0 at home to fellow strugglers QPR.

“It's a point gained really," he said.

"We did not do enough to win the game, neither team did."

After Millwall’s impressive victory against West Brom on Saturday It was perceived that the Lions would follow through with another victory against a QPR side who have earned one victory since December.

“Any of you reporters that thought QPR might get turned up and get rolled over here at The Den, that got expelled in the first ten minutes with the challenges flying in on the pitch.

“I thought it was a great derby, played at real tempo. It certainly lacked quality at times because of the pace of the game. We were not quite inventive enough in the final third, that moments of quality that was there at the weekend was not there to cause QPR big problems."

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Given the result, it was no surprise that Millwall’s best individual performances on the night came from the backline and the goalkeeper.

“I am delighted with my goalkeeper, my back four and the whole team with different characteristics to Saturday.”

“That was probably the biggest team we have faced all year, maybe baring Boro. We had to stand strong to the direct play and the long throw, and we did. We managed that, to get a clean sheet – two in a row – at this stage of the season is pleasing.”

With the five teams below the Lions failing to get a victory, the Lions point ensured that they remain 19th in the table.

“It has pushed us up the table again. Which is the real positive now looking back on the results. At the end of the day every point is going to be important.”

“We talked about luck at the weekend with the missed penalty by West Brom and us getting lucky with ricochets and other things. Tonight I feel that things went against us with the referee. We can’t control them, I have not come up here to talk about the ref or moan about things.

“I thought it was two teams that did not want to get beat. QPR with a reaction from Saturday, I think John will be really proud of his players and I will look at the positives with my team.