“Premiership? Now? No."

Despite rumours around potential moves to Premiership clubs, the Charlton Manager doesn’t believe any of his squad can compete two tiers above where they currently sit.

That's not to say they can't play at a higher level than League One.

“Championship? Yeah, a few could play in the Championship tomorrow.

“I’m not going to insult my players by naming them but my opinion is they could play in the Championship, but Premiership, not at the moment.”

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Despite the admission, Bowyer hasn’t rule out that eventually they will make it to the top table of English football or in Josh Cullen and Jonny Williams case, a return to the ‘big-time.’

Both men who dropped down from the Premiership have said that the manager was a major factor in joining Charlton and Bowyer believes he’s capable of getting them to play at Premiership level again.

“If that’s what the players say, it’s nice to hear.

“But the players who said that have all improved.

“Josh, he’s learned, he’s improved and now he’s in the full Ireland squad so it was a good decision by him to come here.

“I’m glad he’s took on board information that will improve him, that’s my job.

“Josh is one of those who takes things on board, he’s a good pro, good lad, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

“Two or three games before he got injured Jonny started to improve in the final third.

“He will continue to improve, there’s still a good few weeks in the season so I’m sure he’ll get better and better.”

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