Lyle Taylor has spoken out once again about the racism issue in football today.

The Charlton forward has been the target of racial-abuse on more than one occasion this season and has been vocal in his support to rid the game of it.

In a week that has seen fresh racial allegations, both on the field, in the terraces and online, Taylor believes those who have not experienced such abuse, should not comment on it.

“I’ve had conversations where they’ve likened racism to other things,” he said.

“With no disrespect unless you’ve been racially abused I would rather you not make a comment on what other people go through.

“If they’ve got a stutter, or if somebody walks with a limp, it’s not the same.

“Yes we need to focus on the positives which are that 99.9 % of fans are not racist.

“But we do not need to worry about the 99.9% because they’re not causing issue.

“From here on in we need to highlight this and make an issue of it, because if we make an issue of it then hopefully people can realise their behaviour, if it is their behaviour, is way beyond the pale.”

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