“You can’t prepare for it!”

Those were Neil Harris response to the Brighton players’ claims they know what to expect from their FA Cup quarter-final at The Den on Sunday.

Both Glenn Murray and Lewis Dunk have made it clear they won’t be fazed by the ‘welcome’ they’re expected to get in Bermondsey but the Millwall manager begs to differ.

“The atmosphere is hostile, aggressive and loud,” said Harris.

“A lot of the Brighton players will talk about what to expect what The Den is like, but until you get there on that pitch on Sunday afternoon, you can’t prepare for it.

“It plays in our favour, certainly.

“The majority of his squad would not have played at The Den, and don’t know the atmosphere they are going to face on Sunday.”

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Harris is hoping his men use the atmosphere generated by the renowned Den to their advantage as they take on opposition from the tier above.

“If you are looking for a leveller, with us being the Championship and them in the Premier League, then Sunday will help us certainty being at home.

“It is a good opportunity for both clubs, great opportunity for Brighton to progress and there will be expectation from their fan base to come to a lower Championship side and get through to a semi-final at Wembley.

“Everything can be written about it and you can prepare as a manager, but once your players go over the white line you are putting faith into your group. What will never lack in my players is that desire to play well, especially here at The Den.”

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