The ball is firmly in Charlton’s court regarding contract talks with the coaching team according to Lee Bowyer.

Negotiations have yet to begin regarding the retention of Bowyer, Johnnie Jackson and Andy Marshall beyond the summer when their contracts are up.

Bowyer previous said the club approached him saying they wanted to offer him a contract but nothing has materialised.

“There’s nothing I can do now,” said Bowyer.

“I just said I’ll leave you to come back to me.

“They said they want to speak to me about a new contract, I said OK, and left it with them to come back with some figures.

“So it’s up to them what sort of contract they want to offer.”

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Despite no timeframe for talks set, Bowyer insisted he was happy at the club and with Jackson and Marshall feels they have formed a great coaching team.

“We are all in the same boat,” he said of his coaching staff.

“We have a good relationship, we trust each other, and that’s a big part of having a management team.

“We all know our roles, we get on well, and all enjoy it.

“Marshy has done a great job with Dillon (Phillips), he’s a completely different goalie.”

Charlton travel to Bristol Rovers on Saturday.

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