Bolton’s off-field issues won’t alter the way Neil Harris will prepare his side for the crucial fixture.

With the Trotters seven points from safety in 23rd and Harris’ Millwall one point above the relegation zone in 20th, the Lions boss has labelled the fixture a ‘six-pointer.’

Earlier this week there was speculation the fixture would not go ahead amid off-field financial problems with the Yorkshire club, but such issues have not affected how Harris has approached the tie.

“Message is, let’s focus on us,” Harris told Millwall official.

“We can’t control them, so were not going to consider that.

“I’ve been in a similar situation at Southend

“When you’re not getting paid it’s demoralising, it is hard to motivate the group, but having said that you don’t know what you going to get.

“I can’t determine what Bolton are doing and how they reset mentally, all I can focus on is my players.”

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The manager labelled the fixture as a ‘six-pointer’ such is the importance at this stage of the season, but he also insisted he’s not worried about putting such pressure on his men.

“We played Reading and Ipswich before Christmas and we know how important they were.

“We are in the same situation again but now there are only ten games left.

“Bolton is one of those games you don’t find yourself playing many in your career.

“A real six-pointer.

“I’m happy to put pressure on them because I’ve done it before.

“We’ve had finals, FA Cup, play-offs, the players are capable of playing under that pressure and sometimes it brings the best out of them.

“Now it’s about strong personalities and strong mentalities.

“We have to take responsibility ourselves and move forward with results.”

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