Fourth play fifth at The Valley on Saturday as Charlton host Portsmouth in a crucial League One fixture.

Both sides are pushing for promotion- Pompey are looking to keep pressure on the top two whilst Lee Bowyer’s men look to secure their play-off credentials.

On the back of Portsmouth’s 5-1 thumping of Bradford at the weekend we’ve spoken to die-hard Pompey fan Phill Tanner to get his view on the fixture and the similarities between the clubs.

How big is the match to Pompey this weekend?

It’s a big game for two reasons, firstly we need to maintain the gap between us & Charlton.

Secondly we need to keep the gap tight on Barnsley in 2nd spot.

What should Charlton expect from Pompey?

Pompey will be desperate to win and get a run going again similar to the run that saw us top for so long.

We lost key players and brought in new players and have been trying to get them going, hopefully the win at home to Bradford will be a great base to build on, as we know winning breeds confidence.

Do you still think you’re in the automatic promotion race?

We are right in it.

We are just five points off second spot so automatic promotion is still very achievable.

It’s going to be difficult because there are three of four teams hunting that spot but it is achievable if we can go on a good run again.

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What are you expecting Charlton to bring?

I expect Charlton to be well organised and for them to have done their homework to keep our forward players quiet as possible.


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Our star man, in my opinion is Matt Clarke, our centre back!

We know all eyes are on him and I think it will be difficult to resist offers in the summer if figures of £3/4,000,000 come.

He’s a 21 year old with the knowledge & understanding of a 30 year old and unfortunately it hasn’t gone unnoticed by financially bigger clubs !

How do rival supporters see the Charlton’s recent ‘slip ups’ and are they seen as a weaker team without Karlan Grant?

Slip ups happen, very rare for the top sides not to suffer a poor run but it’s how they bounce back.

We were top for so long, injuries, recalled loan players can disrupt anyone, we lost Ben Thompson (he was recalled by Millwall) shortly after losing Olly Hawkins to injury then Jack Whatmough to injury so we lost the spine of the side.

Losing a top striker is tough for any side to get over but losing just one player may not effect Charlton so badly, in fact the rest may well step up a gear for the lad??

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Of the two sides, who is best equipped to go up?

Tough question!

Charlton have a slightly bigger ground with improvements and rebuilt stands, so they have a Championship ready stadium.

We are still waiting for plans on what is going to happen to Fratton Park.

If there are plans to redevelop stands undoubtedly it would be happening during the season, that could affect atmosphere, capacity etc.

There’s also the problems with Charlton’s owners and boardroom.

Pompey seem to have found very reasonable owners who have clever business acumen.

They’re trying to keep the club running the way it was under the PST and the previous board who did a fantastic job in saving our fantastic club from disappearing for good.

I’m going say we are just because it’s my team, we have some very, very good players too obviously.

Having been through adversity with Portsmouth, what are your thoughts on how Charlton have been run?

I feel for the fans of ANY club that are being short changed by any owner/board.

I want no other club to suffer what we did, it was horrible!

I hope us Pompey fans showed that it is possible to get control of your club, wring it out of debt and then run it frugally.

Never give up!

The people that started it all off at Pompey are legends and are largely unknown compared to the last board.

They know who they are! Thank you!

Score prediction:

I think we might nick a win 0-1!

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