Neil Harris expressed that his side will be prioritising Championship football despite their success in the FA Cup, but hopes the Lions can use the competition to build momentum.

Millwall caused a huge upset after they knocked out Premier League outfit, Everton in the fourth round of the FA Cup due to a last minute winner from Murray Wallace.

“As a club we will be looking at Championship football and trying to get to 48-50 points as quickly as we can to keep our place in the Championship.” said Harris.

“But this has been as special competition for us during my time in charge and my playing days. If you get a good cup run especially in this competition is that it can definitely carry you [In the league].

“The momentum we carried from hull, from coming from behind in the last round and then today that will lift the boys.

“There will be an extra edge in training Monday, competition for places will be even more fierce and the boys will enjoy watching the draw.

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Harris went onto explain that matches like the one versus Everton will give him the edge in the transfer market, as every player would want to play in the atmosphere that The Den generates.

“It is not always easy to bring players into our club, when you talk about bringing in Alex Pearce and Ben Marshall, players that were sought after and I am saying to them come play for us because when this place gets going there is no better atmosphere in English football.

“That’s there today. I am not making it up because they have now seen it in person.”

The transfer window closes on Thursday evening and Neil Harris was honest in announcing that Millwall are looking to bring in one more body through the door.

“We are trying to get an attacking player in. You see today I have Jethro Hanson and George Alexander – who is only 17 – on the bench. That's down to injuries, but also players being cup-tied.

“But competition for places is important and no coincidences I have bought Ben [Marshall] and Alex [Pearce] and we have improved in training and as a group. We certainly want to bring one more player in.”