Millwall have confirmed that they are one of eleven Championship clubs to have complained to the English Football League about Leeds spying on opposition teams, the governing body has announced.

Norwich City, Middlesbrough, Bristol City and Blackburn are also thought to be the driving force in the complaint surrounding Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa.

Bielsa admitted to having all their Championship opponents watched in training this season, having had a member of his staff caught in the act by Derby.

The news that Millwall were one of the clubs to take action to the EFL comes as no surprise considering comments made by manager Neil Harris following the revelations.

"In all my years in football I have never seen anything like it," Harris said.

"I think it is completely disrespectful to other teams and the spirit of the game in this country.

"The fact he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong is disappointing."

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EFL Investigate

The EFL and Football Association are investigating the matter and the EFL has been approached by many of Leeds' rivals voicing their concerns about events.

An EFL spokesman said: "The EFL has received a communication on behalf of a number of Championship clubs in regard to the current matter involving Leeds United.

"The request attributed to 11 clubs will be considered as part of the current investigation that has commenced."

The 'spygate' scandal, as it has been dubbed, involved Bielsa sending a member of his staff down to the Derby training ground to watch them train ahead of their Championship game at Elland Road eight days ago, which Leeds won 2-0.

While Leeds do not appear to have actually broken any rules, Bielsa's actions have upset many clubs. The situation has been magnified by Leeds' position at the top of the table.

Bielsa called a hastily-arranged media briefing on Wednesday to present his in-depth analysis to journalists in the hope of showing that his research is so thorough that he gained no advantage from watching Derby train.

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