Roy Hodgson says he is not worried by his side’s current league position because he’s seen it all before.

Sunday’s 3-1 defeat at Chelsea leaves Crystal Palace three points above the relegation zone in 14th but Hodgson believes it’s too early to be worried.

“We can’t lose sight of the fact it doesn’t matter where you are at Christmas,” said Hodgson.

“Last season we were just outside the relegation zone and we ended up 11th. There’s an awful lot of football to be played.”

League Of Two Halves

Palace will have played seven of the top eight after their next two fixtures and Hodgson believes these are not the matches that will have a bearing on final league standings.

“Unfortunately, the teams who are in the second half of the table don’t get many points against the teams at the top.

“Especially at the moment because those teams seem to be sweeping everything in front of them.

“We’ve got to give a good performance, we did last week against Arsenal and we can always try and improve.”

Different To Last Season

Hodgson said that he is confident points will come because different to last season, his side are creating chances and look like getting results.

“This year after matches we are somewhat surprised that we haven’t got a result because there’s not many teams that have outplayed us. Last year we were outplayed on a number of occasions.

“What you do know as a coach is that if your team is playing badly and not getting points then you start losing confidence to where those points are coming from. I’m not in that position, we missed chances, we were a bit unlucky, and we don’t have as many points as we should have.

“Let’s see where we are after 38 games and not after the next two.”