Ever been asked to move your parked car because it’s blocking someone in?

That’s what happened as Dulwich Hamlet took on Crystal Palace in a friendly on Thursday night.

But it’s not often the car belongs to one of the players. In this case it was Hamlet’s goalkeeper Preston Edwards.

Edwards ignored the tannoy announcement asking the owner to move their car , but on the third announcement when they threatened to tow the vehicle Edwards turned to the crowd to say: “That’s my car.”

The crowd that gathered to see the fund-raiser for the club were as sympathetic as you’d expect a football crowd to be.

"Preston move your car, Preston, Preston move your car,” they chanted.

Edwards who admitted he parked in the wrong place because he was running late to the game took to twitter to confirm events.

The car was eventually moved by a member of the crowd.

The match finished 5-0 to the premiership side who had offered to help the National League South team in raising money after they were evicted from their Champion Hill ground after disputes with property developers, and forced to play their home games in Tooting.

Dulwich are back in action tomorrow as they travel to Hungerford Town.