Lee Bowyer blasted referee James Linington for his performance in Charlton’s 1-0 defeat to Peterborough.

Linington awarded a late penalty to Posh after Lewis Page appeared to haul down Ivan Toney - and Jason Cummings converted the spot-kick in the 89th minute.

Here is every word from Charlton caretaker boss Bowyer’s post-match press conference:

Thoughts on the game?

Lee Bowyer: We were the better team. I know they did everything I asked, I know they competed and left everything out there. I know they've been cheated. There’s no denying it. Everyone’s seen it - it’s not a penalty.

He [Linington] is sitting in his room and thinks it’s acceptable to make a decision and then he’ll go home and sleep all right. But I know I won't and I know my players won't and I know most of our fans won’t. Is it acceptable? No.

Am I probably going to get in trouble? Yeah. It is what it is. But should he get in trouble? Yeah. He shouldn't be refereeing. He shouldn't be able to ref the next game. He’s made a decision there and says the fella got pushed. The fella tried to dive to head the ball, there was no push, they were side by side.

Is there contact? Of course there is. You've got two players running 100 miles an hour, one trying to defend and one trying to score, is there contact? Yes. But is it a penalty? No.

Anyone that’s played the game knows it’s not a penalty. So those are my thoughts on the game. It’s an absolute disgrace how he can make that decision, a disgrace.

If I’m getting in trouble, he should get in trouble. It’s as simple as that because he’s just robbed us of a point, maybe three, because we were the team on top, we were the team that was going to score, not them.

What did you say to the referee at full-time?

Lee Bowyer: Trust me, you don't want to know what I said to him at full-time.

Is this the first time you've felt like this as a manager?

Lee Bowyer: We’ve been robbed. I know the game, I’ve played it since I was a kid and then you've got someone making the decision at that time in the game when it’s wrong. Everyone can see it.

All night long, the slight 50/50s went to them. I don't know whether [it's because of] their manager because he’s just like this big geezer that’s standing on the side, he’s bullying the fourth official. Maybe he's afraid. I don't know.

But I feel like he’s been bullied into that because every slight decision went to them. We had Lyle Taylor getting across the near post and their defender to be fair to him, marked him and there was contact and then he gave us a corner. Was it similar? Yeah. Was it a penalty? No. But neither was theirs.

All I ask is for them to be fair but they can’t [be] because he doesn't understand the game. He didn't play the game, he doesn't understand the game. Is that his fault? No. I’m not saying his job is easy but you can’t just guess or gamble when you've got 22 players putting their bodies on the line. You can’t just gamble on a decison, you can’t. It’s wrong.

Did you think you should've had a penalty earlier on for an apparent Ivan Toney handball?

Lee Bowyer: No. It’s not a penalty. Have I seen them given? Yeah. But it would've been harsh. It hit the fella on the leg and then it hit him on the arm. Do I expect to get them? No, it’s not a penalty. He didn't mean it. It hit him on the arm, but other managers would say ‘yeah that’s a penalty’. It’s not a penalty.