Neil Harris reckons England will play without fear at the World Cup.

And the Millwall boss has praised Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate for being “brave” with his squad selection.

Southgate left out senior pros Chris Smalling, Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere and opted for youth.

Gary Cahill, Ashley Young and Jamie Vardy are the only players over 30 jetting off to Russia tomorrow.

“One minute I’m thinking England will get in the last eight and the next I’m thinking it’s going to be really tough,” Harris told News Shopper.

“I don't think England are in contention to win the World Cup, that’s for sure.

“There are some really strong nations out there at the moment. England are in a building process, a transition period where Gareth has been brave by leaving out some senior players.

“He’s left a couple of senior players in there to help the youngsters on form, dressing room capabilities and leadership skills.

“But he’s picked some young players that probably would not have been given an opportunity before because they're not even regulars in their club side. It’s a really exciting England team.”

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Jordan Pickford, Harry Maguire, Kieran Trippier and Jesse Lingard are likely to start in England’s World Cup opener against Tunisia next Monday. The quartet have never played at a major international tournament before.

But it is that inexperience coupled with the youthful squad that could work in England’s favour, according to Harris.

“We’ll get through the group stages because we’re capable of scoring goals,” he added.

“I think the balance is going to be when the going gets tough, have we got enough leadership to get through some difficult games?

“Once you get to the knockout stages, you've got to perform consistently, if you slip up you're out. Have we got the leadership and experience to do that [perform consistently]?

“But then you can flip it and go ‘we’ve got no fear’. I’m fed up of seeing England players play with fear because they fear the media and fanbase. It shouldn't be like that.

“We’re culpable of that - that’s down to all of us. It’s down to the media to take responsibility and support the national players.

“With the young group at the moment, it’s easy to play without fear and I’m really looking forward to seeing them play.”