Millwall boss Neil Harris revealed Lee Gregory needed six stitches after Derby defender Curtis Davies inadvertently booted him in the head in the penalty box.

Lions players and staff were furious when referee Oliver Langford waved away appeals in the first-half.

And Langford did the same late on when Shaun Hutchinson’s strike appeared to be handled on the line.

Speaking after the goalless draw with second-placed Derby, Harris said: “In the first-half, the referee has made a really poor decision in the fact it’s a penalty.

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“I know he [Davies] has gone for the ball but we talk about dangerous play and if my player getting six stitches at half-time caused by a stud to the head isn't dangerous, intentionally or not, I don't know what is.

“[The fourth official] Keith Stroud said the referee hasn't seen him [Gregory] coming so he’s played the ball, it’s true, but it’s still dangerous play.

“You’re not allowed to have your foot that high on a football pitch anymore. I’m disappointed but I don't want to focus on that, I want to focus on a really good solid clean sheet for us.

“I thought Shaun Hutchinson was outstanding in the backline. He’s had an outstanding season so far and he showed his importance to us tonight.”