The pollsters at Yougov have crunched the numbers and done the research and come up with profiles of people who like and consume just about everything - from who reads newspapers like this one to who supports football clubs.

And they have thrown up some results that range from the fascinating to shocking and just plain amusing.

Here's some interesting snippets of what the profiles of the typical fan of our biggest local football clubs threw up...and some of the clubs may want to think about serving something other than pies at their grounds.

According to YouGov the typical Millwall fan is female and in her twenties with very conservative views.

She is confrontational but trustworthy.

A good cook, who loves potato salad, mushroom bhaji and toad in the hole.

Millwall fans shop at Sainsbury's and bank with Santander

Crystal Palace fans are also young and female.

They are Labour supporters, obsessed with pear crumble and are uncommunicative and cruel

They drive a Ford and shop at Sainsburys

Charlton fans are young and Conservative.

They are very needy and work in the media. And they are obsessed with chicken with cashews in yellow bean sauce.

They love saveloy sausages and probably drive a Kia.

Bromley FC fans are unemployed but chivalrous.

They are wacky and obsessed with DIY.

They drive a Seat and bank with First Direct.