Charlton fans have formed a political party in protest against Addicks owner Roland Duchatelet.

The Roland Out Today (ROT) party will field a candidate in Sint-Truiden’s local elections on October 14, 2018.

The Valley faithful have been demonstrating against Duchatelet for the past three years. The Belgian tycoon, who is keen to sell-up, has angered fans with his running of the club.

A ROT spokesman said: “We don’t feel Duchatelet’s football business practices have been in the best interests of Charlton.

“While protesting to save our club from further damage, Addicks fans have paid several visits to Sint-Truiden.

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Protesting Charlton fans last season | Picture: Benjamin Peters Photography

“We’ve talked to many people who feel similarly to us, who think Roland Duchatelet’s football, business, and political dealings have had a detrimental effect locally.

“The unity march held in Sint-Truiden last spring showed that fans can protest passionately, humorously and intelligently, without causing any trouble.

“It is time to take the discussion to him on his own territory, via the power of the ballot box, using that same passion, humour, and intelligence in our campaign.

“You can visit for more information.”

ROT’s full manifesto is set to be published in 2018, along with the identity of the candidate.