The end of the football season for some is a breath of fresh air, a time to relax and re-energize for the upcoming nine months of ups and downs.

For some it’s a chance to see the failures they have been a part of, promising much but giving little. But for Charlton Athletic football club, this summer is the most important one they have had for years.

Following a season, which initially promised so much with the appointment of a British manager and a number of British players, it ended with fans worrying about relegation. It had us wondering why, with the calibre of players Charlton had, couldn't we push for promotion?

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Bring forward Karl Robinson. Alas, he has not had the greatest start in SE7. He is like marmite with fans, many love his passion, while some think he is the stereotypical Scouser. But what we do know, is that he has experience of winning promotion to the Championship.

Now, Karl has the chance to put his stamp on Charlton, with his love of wingers, be sure to see a few tricky, fast and sometimes irritating players brought in, along with trusted ones that know the system he likes to play.

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Karl Robinson arrived at the Valley in November

His summer is going to be frustrating, exciting and he will feel every emotion a person can feel with targets missed, targets won and planning for the upcoming season… let’s all feel sorry for his wife right now!

Karl has said he knows the players he wants - but who will leave? He’ll have to dig deep to find quality replacements (or massive upgrades in Roger Johnson’s case).

The summer for the owners will show intent to get this club moving forward in front of adversary from the tame protests of last season and before. Charlton chief executive Katrien Meire will need to make sure that every deal counts and Karl is given the full support to get what he wants.

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Charlton chief executive Katrien Meire and Richard Murray watch on

I for one believe this will happen. In some fans’ eyes, Meire will never do right. But if this summer is a success, she will be one of the main people that made it happen, even if she doesn't receive the praise. We will have to see what the summer holds.

Oh the joy to be a Charlton fan these days - happy summer and good luck with the bi-weekly trips to Bluewater with your partners. And remember… August is three months away!