The chairman of the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust says the dispute regarding a controversial letter sent to a fan has been settled “informally and satisfactorily”.

Richard Wiseman attended a meeting at the club after a supporter received a letter warning them of “inflammatory comments” posted on social media.

The letter said the fan would be allocated their 2016/17 season ticket on the condition that they signed an ‘Agreed Behavioural Contract’.

This contract would request the supporter to refrain from posting “derogatory or inflammatory comments regarding the club or people representing the club”.

However, at the meeting, which was held yesterday (August 11), CAST chairman Wiseman said the issue was dealt with informally.

He told News Shopper: “I had a meeting at the club about this yesterday and it was an amicable agreement.

“The meeting was very productive. It seemed like the club had rethought the terms in regards to signing something.

“The crucial thing is that the club appeared to have rethought the contract idea and it was dealt with informally and satisfactorily.”

Wiseman added: “Having said that, the email was alarming and naive.

“The supposed contract regarding particular comments and behaviour that was originally asked to be signed is pretty broad.

“When I read the letter I thought it was another own goal. It was a naive letter for sure.”

The letter, which News Shopper understands was sent out to one supporter, has been doing the rounds on social media.

Here’s how fans reacted to the news:

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