Charlton fans will not stop protesting until Roland Duchatelet sells the club, according to a supporter from Thursday’s training ground stunt.

The latest in a long line of demonstrations saw a group of supporters picket the Sparrows Lane training ground.

Their intention was to show a group of businesses – invited to the club in the hope of renewed sponsorship – the “dangers” of being associated with the current Charlton regime.

The protest was supported by the presence of an AdVan displaying two Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD) posters with anti-Duchatelet slogans.

Ben Tegg, one of around 40 fans who attended the Sparrows Lane protest, told News Shopper: “It went well.

“It was never about the numbers, it was about showing the regime that our protests are not limited to match days.

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“It was another opportunity for disillusioned fans to get their message across and I think we did that.

“We believe over a dozen partners were invited and only four turned up. The sponsors need to know that this is a toxic brand now, people shouldn’t want to be associated with them.

“It used to be a great club but now it’s a laughing stock.”

A Charlton fan since 1985, Tegg opted against renewing his season ticket after Chris Powell was sacked in March 2014 – just two months after Duchatelet bought the club.

He insists that CARD will maintain their efforts to remove the Belgian millionaire – with further protests already planned.

“We are not going away. We will try and make the business impossible to run,” the 44-year-old added.

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“This is an on-going thing and we have a lot more planned.

“We are not going to stop. It matters more to us than it does to them and that’s why we will ultimately win our club back.”

As well as picketing the New Eltham training facility, supporters also travelled to the Valley where potential sponsors were understood to be entertained by chief executive Katrien Meire and chairman Richard Murray.

A CARD statement said: “We want to convince sponsors that there is no good reason to risk the damage to their business that being associated with the current Charlton regime would bring.

“Just last week the owner released a statement that has been largely disowned by the rest of the club, prompted the resignation of the club’s head of communications just 46 days after she was appointed, and was ridiculed by the entire football world.

“That’s what sponsors linked with Charlton have to look forward to.”