Jose Riga has revealed that his Charlton exit still remains "a mystery.”

The former Addicks boss was widely expected to get a new contract at the end of the 2013/14 season after guiding the club to safety.

Despite winning three of his last four matches, owner Roland Duchatelet chose to appoint Bob Peeters - who lasted only 25 league games.

Riga, 58, admitted he was surprised that he was not offered the job.

He told News Shopper: “It was a surprise for me not to stay on because no one was really expecting me to leave.

“Even now, I still have no explanation - it’s part of some mystery.

“I would've preferred to stay there because I’m still convinced that we could've done a very good job - it’s a nice place.

“I have been at different clubs and I will be at other ones in the future, but Charlton will be with me forever.”

In the past, former employees of Duchatelet have spoken out claiming they were under pressure to field certain players who were simply not good enough for the Championship. 

Imports from Duchatelet’s network clubs such as Yohann Thuram-Ulien, Anil Koc and Loic Nego raked up only five appearances between them.

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However, Riga insists the Charlton hierarchy never interfered with his team selection.

The Metz manager said: “That wasn’t the case with me.

“I can’t be the manager if someone else decides the team.

“So people must know that Katrien Meire never took part in team selection decisions - neither did Mr Duchatelet - certainly not with me.

“The chairman asked me to take the job because he knew me through Standard Liege but I only saw him twice during my time so there wasn't much of a relationship.

“With Ms Meire, we had a great relationship because I knew she was always doing her job with love for Charlton.

“I received support from Katrien and, at the end of the season, everyone was happy.”

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