Katrien Meire has condemned the Charlton protest which took place outside the Valley before the clash with Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday.

A group of Charlton supporters gathered outside the main stand to protest against owner Roland Duchatelet and chief executive Meire.

The protesters, who held up banners telling Duchaetlet to leave the club, cited the lack of communication with fans as symptomatic of the club distancing itself from its core values and tradition.

However, at the fans’ meeting at the Valley on Tuesday evening, Meire criticised the protesters and urged supporters to back the club.

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“I want fans to stand up against the negative people and don’t give them a platform,” she said.

“I’m criticised for taking a picture while at the same time people are shouting at me and calling me names and giving hand gestures.

“I don’t wish that on anybody.

“I hope those people will think twice if they are a boyfriend or a father because it was unacceptable.”

The Valley chief said the event provided the wrong message and was misrepresentative of fans’ views on the owner.

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She added: “We gave those people a platform. It’s unfortunate that no-one stands up to those people.

“I want to ask the Charlton fans to stand up and show what they are about.

“It gives the image that that’s the voice of the fans and I know it’s not.”

An audience member apologised for any personal abuse that Meire received during the protest, but insisted that the event exposed underlying issues in the club.

Meire, who joined the club in January 2014, acknowledged the anger amongst supporters but suggested the protest was the wrong course of action.

“I think you can express your views in a different way,” she said.

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