MILLWALL goalkeeper David Forde condemned the “idiots” who marred today’s 2-0 FA Cup semi-final defeat by Wigan after shocking violent scenes in the crowd at Wembley.

Goals from Shaun Maloney and Callum McManaman either side of half-time ended the Championship team’s brave cup run, but disgraceful fighting among fans in the Millwall end overshadowed proceedings on the pitch.

Forde said: “It is a shame - it is only a minority.

“The club get a raw deal which is very harsh because they do a lot of good work and sometimes you get a couple of idiots.

“Some of them might not even be Millwall fans, they might be friends or family of whoever has gone to the game and that is the disappointing thing as well.”

Captain Danny Shittu was also disappointed by the violence.

He said: “No players want any game to go on where things like that happen.

“Today is meant to be a happy day and, regardless of the result, a good day out at Wembley.

“I’m disappointed about that but as players all we can do is keep doing what we are doing.

“When we were walking around at the end there were so many supporters who were there to spur us on and for that violence to happen is very disappointing to hear on a day like this.

“Things like that shouldn’t be going on.

“Today should be a good day for both sides and for things like that to be happening we are disappointed and hopefully it will get sorted out.”

Shane Lowry, meanwhile, paid tribute to the majority of Millwall supporters who made the trip to north London, but also condemned the shocking scenes.

“You always get a minority,” he said.

“I don’t know how many (fans) we brought today but the majority we were absolutely fantastic.

“They definitely out sang Wigan fans and they were really, really noisy.

“They backed us throughout the whole game to be fair to them but it is disappointing when you see incidents like that.”

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