Christmas holidays are something many students and family look forward to, but it said that is it right to have such a short Christmas break. 


Christmas holidays are a time to go meet ones family, spend time with your friends and visit the Christmas market in London. But if your Christmas holidays only last 16 days how can you do everything on your To Do List. Summer holidays are so long, that by the last few weeks, you get bored of staying at home. So why can we shorten our summer holidays and extend our charismas one? 


Not to mention as the end of terms come by, we get flooded with tests or get warned about some after our holidays. As of myself, personally, I do not want to spend the scarce days we have to revise for a test. I conducted a small survey and found out that most people though charismas holidays were to short to be able to visit somewhere daily. 


If one wonts to spend their Christmas break with their families, the small range of days on which you can travel on and within those days, there is normally a high amount of traffic or dailyed plans which not to mention are overpriced. This is something that not many families want to be worrying about in the short few days that they have. Instead they cant do that because they might not even get a flight. 


I honestly think that having shorter summer holidays and longer charistmas holidays will make many students happy as they feel the charismas spirit.